Public Datasets

Owner Name Schemas?
10419145?v=4 d-vf Raw - data fusion EN
27342623?v=4 INmais second test
6901194?v=4 DemocracyClub WhereDoIVote usage June 2017
9379524?v=4 stephen-gates Comma Chameleon Release Downloads
2492770?v=4 theodi csvw test
919962?v=4 nlehuby OSM idf public transit
1698465?v=4 jamesjefferies TestDataset
26750797?v=4 octopub My Dataset
109774?v=4 pezholio Demo Dataset
4940135?v=4 jennet A test dataset
6670237?v=4 peterkwells cat human adoption data
6670237?v=4 peterkwells UK attitudes to offensive language and gestures data
6670237?v=4 peterkwells Unparliamentary language
6670237?v=4 peterkwells the socioeconomic class of robots in films
21364552?v=4 jmef List of 'entertaining' data related youtube videos
6670237?v=4 peterkwells accepted spellings for the noun which means to give formal or official permission to do something
6670237?v=4 peterkwells List of ministers' interests - UK
10419145?v=4 d-vf Raw - Data Fusion
2492770?v=4 theodi Public and publicly-accessible toilets in the UK aggregated by council
10419145?v=4 d-vf Raw - Relatorios de Contas (act Nov 2016)
109774?v=4 pezholio My wonderful dataset
10419145?v=4 d-vf RAW - Crunchbase and Webpages
10419145?v=4 d-vf RAW - Companies House Records
24277277?v=3 cooleyb Trump's favourite insults on Twitter
10833378?v=4 bobharper1 UK Government Cats - Training Set
1731108?v=4 gilesdring Hebden Places Yes
6670237?v=4 peterkwells Things that are legally binding or not within the UK
2492770?v=4 theodi Vending Machine Tweets
7858687?v=4 jargonautical Days lost to absence (excluding schools)
3528278?v=4 victorrico ODI-test
21356104?v=4 johnnyfarrside JF-ODI-Test1
20949403?v=4 johnclowes Test data
22325251?v=4 akshatkaushik octopus demo 2
23172800?v=4 kihard Octopub demo ODI summit
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2015
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2014
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2013
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2012
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2011
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2010
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2009
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2008
10419145?v=4 d-vf CMVM - Relatório de Capital de Risco 2007
10419145?v=4 d-vf QREN 2007-2014
10419145?v=4 d-vf FINOVA
10995301?v=4 paulmalyon GP Practices and Surgeries Data Quality Overview
10995301?v=4 paulmalyon Land Registry Price Paid Data Quality
10995301?v=4 paulmalyon Companies House Corporate Dataset Column Stats
2790096?v=4 iradche Scopus journals
9379524?v=4 stephen-gates Australian Open Data Publishers Yes
109774?v=4 pezholio The Favourite Biscuits of Politicians According to Mumsnet Interviews
45195?v=4 rtanglao January 1-31, 2016 instagram vancouver metadata including average colour, hour, day, unixtime
6670237?v=4 peterkwells UK Government cats
2492770?v=4 theodi ODLN Cohort 3 Feedback
2492770?v=4 theodi ODI Showcase applications
2492770?v=4 theodi EDSA demand analysis summary data
19994830?v=4 flaviamunteanu Evaluation ODLN
19994830?v=4 flaviamunteanu Evaluation Istanbul
2492770?v=4 theodi European Data Science Academy Register
2492770?v=4 theodi Data Science courses in Europe (2016)
13315755?v=4 emilyvacher Data Science courses in Europe (2016)
148859?v=4 alexmikro Learning Analytics dataset from the EDSA online courses portal
180099?v=4 davetaz Health Facility List Star Rating - DSM (Temeke)
2492770?v=4 theodi Blockchain and distributed technology landscape research
13315755?v=4 emilyvacher European Data Science Academy Register
1080897?v=4 innanoval EDSA - VideoLectures statistics dataset 1
180099?v=4 davetaz ODedu common curricular data
920784?v=4 leowmjw Selangor_ADUN_2016
7858687?v=4 jargonautical GPs
7858687?v=4 jargonautical Ancient Trees - Plymouth
761444?v=4 timwis Healthy Corner Stores
17346230?v=4 theecanmole New Zealand Unit ("NZU") emission unit prices 2010 to 2016
180099?v=4 davetaz Quantitative data from EDSA demand analysis
2357755?v=4 dazzaji US Department of Justice Data List in JSON Format
4662780?v=4 ilegal The Big Advice Survey (Qualitative Data)
180099?v=4 davetaz Spend over £25,000 in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
9429999?v=4 dd207 ODI: Open Data Leaders' Network feedback
3565?v=4 floppy UK Political Parties
1725454?v=4 rebeccawilliams agency performance test

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